Syracuse Peace Council Seeks to Spread Awareness About Immigration Issues

The Syracuse Peace Council will fight for immigration policy reform on July 31st at the Abolish ICE Day of Action. (c) 2018 Keir Chapman

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Audio Transcript: Abolish ICE Day of Action Syracuse

Update: 10 people were arrested and charged for trespassing for protesting inside 401 S. Salina St. and refusing to leave when requested.

Keir Chapman SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — The Abolish ICE movement, which started as a hashtag on Twitter before gaining momentum recently, has taken root in Syracuse. The Syracuse Peace Council held the Abolish ICE Day of Action on July 31st.

This event came a month after the Peace Council held a rally in support of reuniting immigrant families that had been separated by Immigration and Custom Enforcement agents. The rally on June 30th saw over a thousand Syracuse citizens come together at Perseverance Park in support of the cause.

Jessica Maxwell, a staff member at the Peace Council, wanted the day of action to bring awareness about immigration issues to people who may still be unaware that these problems are occurring in Syracuse.

“Part of the message is, this is not just a border issue. It happens all over the place,” Maxwell said. “It happens in Syracuse. We’re not a border town. We don’t think of ourselves as a border city. But, it plays out very much locally.”

According to a Pew Research Center study, unauthorized immigrants made up less than one percent of Syracuse’s total population in 2014. Despite this fact, news of ICE agents detaining illegal immigrants, have made their way into the local media.

The story of Marcin DeLeon Aguilar has become one for the Peace Council to rally around. Aguilar was arrested on a farm in Rome, New York. The farm’s owner, John Collins, said he was never shown a warrant, and was surprised at the ICE officers’ behavior.

The Abolish ICE Day of Action was supposed to coincide with Aguilar’s trial. However, his court date has since been moved to August 21st.