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Medicare and Medicaid Celebrate its 53rd Birthday in Central New York

The New York Sate Alliance of Retired Americans was founded in 2001. (c) Alazia WiIlliams

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Audio Transcript: Medicare Rally A. WIlliams

By Alazia Williams SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News)—Central New York’s community advocates held a rally in celebration of the 53rd birthday of the adoption of Medicare and Medicaid in the United States. 

The events sponsors included The New York State Alliance for Retired Americans, Americans for Tax Fairness and Healthcare for America Now! 

The event was held to bring awareness to the community about the importance of healthcare funding in New York. 

The main topic of discussion was the budget proposal that could possibly cut mandatory spending for healthcare by nearly two-trillion dollars.

Intern for the Syracuse Peace Council and speaker at the rally, Askar Salikhov said “every year we are in danger or threat of losing our health insurance because of, for example, the tax cuts or because of the reduction of the budget.”

The possible cuts could delay the age of medicare for seniors until the age of 67, raise premiums, make medicines more expensive for seniors and families, and much more according to New York’s Health Care Under Attack.

Medicare and Medicaid help serve over 120 million Americans, nearly nine million of them being New York residents. 

Salikhov also said “healthcare is part of life, so I think just like the air that we breathe and the water that we drink, healthcare is a universal thing that should be enjoyed by everybody”.

Many of the speakers at the rally had their own testimonials about their experience with Medicare and Medicaid.