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Travelers Should Stay Cool and Enjoy Onondaga County this Summer

Travel and Insurance Center at AAA DeWitt © 2018 Brandon Williams

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Audio Transcript: AAA

By: Brandon Williams SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — There are many people traveling to and from Syracuse this summer. Onondaga County is providing various summer activities for travelers to participate in. AAA of DeWitt suggests ways travelers can stay cool.

Syracuse sees an increase in the number of travelers during the summer. Kevin Cosselman, the branch manager of the Travel and Insurance Center at AAA DeWitt says Upstate New York has a lot of unique features, especially for the summer. He says the area has many lakes and waterways to offer residents and travelers. Cosselman said he thinks there are more people coming into the area than leaving during the summer.

Gas prices are allowing people to travel via automobile.

“Where the gas prices are currently allows people to go and travel by automobile more than every before. Prices are pretty low, $2.90 in the Syracuse area,” Cosselman said.

Cosselman offered ways drivers can stay safe while they are on the road. “I think just the normal precautions. Stay off the cell phone. You know, because it’s been so hot, always try to keep water with you and hydrate incase anything goes wrong. Check the car before you leave, make sure gas is topped off, fluids, things like that,” Cosselman said.

There are many things to do in Syracuse and Onondaga County for those who are traveling during this time of year. Low gas prices are allowing people to drive to their destination. Drivers must make sure they stay hydrated, remain alert on the road, and ensure their vehicle is prepared for travel.