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Southside Photo Walk Project Goes International

This is Ashley Kang: Director of Southside Stand Newspaper Porject (c)2018 Danielle Bulluck

Audio Transcript:   Photo Walk by Danielle Bulluck


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By Danielle Bulluck SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News)— The South-side Newspaper is giving the community new opportunity to learn all about photography. This year the South-side paper was awarded A Finding Common Grounds grant to help expand their Photo Walk event.


Over the last nine years, the Stand has grown from a class project for S-U students to a community improvement project. The Stand’s first summer community event was the South-side Photo walk where residents take photo lesson by professional photographers for free.

The Director of The South-side Newspaper project Ashley Kang told us how the Photo Walk was such an impact that they took it to South Africa. “Student reporters from the stand took to South Africa and we partner with the community newspaper there in Grahamstown. So Grocott’s mail is doing there Photo Walk next week August 4th and so we’ll be sharing imagines between locations.”

Each year the Stand makes archives of all the photos from the event on their website and puts the best photo of the walk in the Newspaper. This year their picking more photo to be featured in a photo gallery in September. Also this year Kang wants to give some of the Photo Walk pictures to the community business for a permanent home.

The Photo Walk will be July 28th at the Eat to Live Food Cooperative on South Salina street. Following the Photo Walk, people will be able to view the images while enjoying a catered lunch.

The South-side Stand Newspaper Project Continues to grow with each partnership and community outreach.