New York State Residents Respond to Governor Cuomo’s Puerto Rico Trip

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo at the Cadillac House in New York (c) AP Photo/Richard Drew 2016

Audio Transcript – CUOMO PUERTO RICO

By Ramon Hernandez SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — Governor Andrew Cuomo returned to New York Tuesday night, following his fifth trip to Puerto Rico this year. The trip was to aid continuing relief efforts post Hurricane Maria. While many supported the governor’s initiative, some New York state residents objected, saying the governor should be worrying about the state he leads.

A group of constituents took to Cuomo’s twitter page to express their discontent with his trip. The comments towards the governor ranged from “stay there u like it so much,” to “enjoy your short time left you won’t win the next election.” Following the thread, most complaints seem to be about what these constituents view as poor infrastructure. They express that the money allocated to helping Puerto Rico would be better spent here.

However not all New York residents disapproved of Governor Cuomo’s relief trip. Syracuse man, Sam Schimeo, was surprised that anyone would be in opposition to Cuomo’s trip and that the trip should be looked at as a positive thing.

“If he’s helping out the relief effort,” Schimeo said, “Because of that whole issue, I think that’s good. That’s a good thing.”

Schimeo also said that he would not be surprised if the trip did benefit Governor Cuomo’s re election campaign.

“I bet that he’d get more support,” he said, “I mean because this is a, it’s supposed to be a democratic state.”

The New York state gubernatorial primary election will be held on September 13.