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Liverpool Softball League Slowly Recovers From Fire

Denise Murray Spokesperson for LGSL describes recovery from Arson. (c) 2018, Kylan Watson


By Kylan Watson Syracuse, N.Y. (NCC News)–

 The Liverpool Girls Softball League (LGSL) is without a warehouse today after an early-July fire tore through their storage space. The community has stepped in to help the league, local businesses have pitched in to help remove the debris, rewire the warehouse and restrooms, and donating money to help the league pay its bills. The damage is estimated to be between $15 thousand to $20 thousand dollars.

The fire also damaged the concession stand which is very important to the financial health of the league. The LGSL is a league that uses the proceeds from concession sales and sponsorship money to pay for equipment, activity, trophies, and umpire fees. LGSL Spokesperson Denise Murray said, “Without the concession stand being open that does dig in to our league cost. Because concession sales are so important to what we do here.”

The league is planning to have a fundraiser on August 5th, 2018 to raise money to fix the warehouse and pay for a new concession stand. Murray said, “We have had a tremendous amount of support from the LGSL family, local businesses and the community and without their help, we could not bounce back from this as well as we hope.”

It is not just the community that is helping raise money, the players have pitched in as well, Murray said, “The 6-9-year old players have been selling homemade lemonade to raise money for a new roof. They raised $375 dollars in just two weeks.”

Murray believes that going through this ordeal has strengthened the league’s resolve to keep going and stay strong in their mission to help girls develop as softball players.  The Liverpool community has come together through tragedy, and though the recovery is slow, but steady.  It seems the community is ready to play ball!