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Improvement In Housing Stability Is Underway For CNY Residents

Chalkboard art gets the creative juices flowing in the office of the Syracuse Innovation Team. (c) 2018 Alexandria Bennett

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Audio Transcript: Housing Stability in Syracuse

By Alexandria Bennett — Syracuse, N.Y. (NCC News) — The City of Syracuse’s Innovation Team develops solutions to the most pressing problems in Syracuse. This year, one of the team’s priorities is to combat housing instability within Central New York.

According to the i-team, housing instability is about the high frequency of forced move outs that residents endure. This is due to poor housing quality, unstable neighborhood conditions and high costs of housing in relation to income.

The team recently created three “ideation sessions” to hear from citizens about challenges they face such as unsafe, unhealthy and unstable housing. Samantha Linnett, the program coordinator for the i-team says a lot of great feedback was received from the sessions.

“We have everything,” Linnett said. “From looking at tenant’s unions to better financing for landlords who are trying to make improvements.”

Linnett said the team is working on a plan to provide knowledge of resources to to residents who are going through some of these challenges.

One of the biggest challenges residents face is eviction, with the main cause being the inability to pay their rent on time. This brings urgency for free eviction resources.

“One thing that came up is why not attach that information to every eviction notice someone gets,” Linnett said. “At least they know where they can go to get help and figure out what the next steps are going to be.”

The team is having a workshop this week to filter out more ideas and says they will be implemented within the next few months.

To learn more about housing stability, check out the team’s blog.