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Campus Law Enforcement Prepares for the Upcoming School Year

DPS collaborates with other organizations in preparation for the upcoming school year.

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Audio Transcript: Safety in the Summertime

By Dallas Jackson SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – Just over 20 million students attended colleges and universities across the country last fall, according to the U.S. Department of Education. For a college town like Syracuse, there is a large influx of students. Patrol Commander Kathleen Pabis of Syracuse University’s Department of Public Safety says the summers give them the chance to do things they can’t during the school year.

“Well it’s a little slower in respect to the call volume,” Pabis said. “However, the summer’s a time that, you know, DPS takes to do a lot of in-service training.”

She added that officers usually take some vacation time in the summer, due to the fact that it’s hard to get away during the academic year.

DPS meets with a lot of organizations, both on and off campus, in the summer in preparation for the upcoming fall semester. The organizations include the Office of Residence Life and Greek Life. They discuss what to expect, different procedures and any other major concerns. The commander says larceny is the most frequent call the department gets all year round.

“Because it’s a crime of opportunity, is probably the biggest thing,” she said.

Pabis also said most larceny in the summer pertains to bicycles. She added larceny often involves electronics and other personal property from the fall through the spring. Other calls include intoxication, roommate disputes, and personal injury.

Looking ahead to the fall, DPS collaborates with others when hosting SU’s large events that are open to the public. Event Patrol Sergeant Andrew Clary meets directly with event organizers. Most events take place at the Carrier Dome.

“It’s a collaborative effort between us, the Syracuse Police Department, security, ticket-takers, and the ushers for the Carrier Dome,” Clary said. “I go to a weekly meeting with them every Tuesday to talk about the upcoming events for each week.”

Trivia Nights, Pancake Breakfasts, and De-Stress with DPS are some of the department’s events they host throughout the year. DPS hosts crime prevention and self-defense programs as well. Students mostly attend the events but they are also open to the public. The commander says the department wants to continue bridging the gap between the department and the community.