On Point for College Provides Students With Dorm Necessities

On Point for College says more than 400 college freshmen attend their orientation programs. ©2018 Michelle Houston.

Audio transcript: Dorm Room Shopping

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By Michelle Houston Syracuse, N.Y (NCC NEWS)– School shopping is one of the many steps college students have to take before leaving home.

Purchasing items for a dorm room can be pricey. According to the National Retail Federation, college students and their parents will spend over $900 on average for school.

On Point for College is an organization that helps with student expenses. The nonprofit has an orientation program that provides freshmen with essential supplies. Students that will live on campus are provided with towels, toiletries and bedding decor. Orientation sessions are held in June, July, August and in January.

The Director of Operations, Tanya Eastman says dorm room shopping is a major factor in academic success.

“And I do believe that bedding and basic sort of foundational sleeping room stuff is a part of that as well, because you always need a good night sleep”, said Eastman.

Students should have a balance when packing for school. Eastman says bringing too many things can become a problem.

“Take what you need, if you’re lucky enough to come home for Thanksgiving and Winter break and you didn’t have enough of your stuff there you can certainly bring it back.. “, said Eastman.

The On Point for College organization says it helped over eight thousand students enroll in college this year. Additional services for current college students, transfer students, and college graduates are also provided.