White Branch Library Adopts New Community Initiative

Click play to see what the White Branch Library is doing to bring the community together.

Audio Transcript: White Branch Library Wrap_Turner

By Tamar Turner SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — The White Branch Library wants to offer more to the local community than just books. After some donations from St. Joseph’s Health, the library now has sports equipment for the children to use at their leisure.

“We also see this as a program that will help fight childhood obesity in combination with combination with our brand new community garden,” said  Community Engagement Librarian, Ann Horan.

This initiative doesn’t have any “prescribed programming” as Horan calls it. It is open to any child in the community, at any time during the library’s hours of operation. from nine to six p.m.

Although this has been going on for less than a month, the White Branch Library is already seeing an increase in its numbers. Children are not only coming to the library to play, but are bringing friends to enjoy the experience with too.

Horan said that they serve a lot of refugees in the local community and this program is a way of promoting a “neighbors knowing neighbors” initiative too. “Children who many not have previously been acquainted with one another are meeting each other,” she said.

The library is always looking for ways to promote what they are doing, but relies heavily on the media to spread the news. “The more people who know about the programming available, the greater the numbers we can serve.”

White Branch hopes that the positive experiences that children have will not only translate to their parents but other adults in the community.