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Local Medical Marijuana Dispensary Implements New State Health Policy

Liverpool’s PharamaCannis entrance door. (c) 2018 Kayla Burton

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Audio Transcript:  PharmaCannis Policy Change

By: Kayla Burton LIVERPOOL, N.Y. (NCC NEWS) –¬†Liverpool’s PharmaCannis will be implementing the states’ Health Department newest policy to allow anyone prescribed opioid to request medical marijuana as a replacement. Both the state’s Health Department and PharmaCannis believe this policy allows patients who suffer with chronic pain, a safer, healthier and overall better quality of life.

“It gives a physician another tool, a patient another outlet to get pain relief that may be safer and increase their quality of life.” Said PharmaCannis General Manager Gerald LaRocca Jr.

LaRocca said patients from PharmaCannis who suffer from chronic pain are desperate for an outlet of healing and relief. People who have been using narcotics for a long time may in fact suffer the same amount of pain prior to using the medication because narcotics can wear off over time. This is an issue for many patients who suffer from chronic pain because they are not receiving the outcome they need.

“People that have been on narcotics for a long time, their opioid products are not working anymore. So their pain level is going up even though they’ve been on narcotics. They need an alternative…This particular condition is huge because it allows many more people to be able to come through the gate.” Said LaRocca.

LaRocca explained that medical marijuana does not have nearly the amount of tolerance problems and addictive hold that opioids have. Instead, cannabis provides the benefits for doctors to prescribe limited doses of narcotics to patients, while giving them the support and relief they need.

LaRocca called this new policy a “protective mechanism.” Physicians are worried about patients getting hooked onto opioids and this policy directs patients away from relying on such medication that has become destructive. Medical marijuana is also believed to have less side effects.

Despite the overall benefits to this policy, LaRocca mentioned the negative aspects this change may have on patients. Health Insurance companies, as of lately, will not cover the finances for cannabis. Patients who are certified and cleared for medical marijuana, must pay out of pocket. For many, this is a problem.

PharmaCannis will be executing this policy in August.