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Job Seekers get More Opportunities to Connect with Employers

Participants from the Build to Work program at a job fair. © 2017 Jubilee Homes

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Audio Transcript: Build to Work program

By Ashtyn Hiron SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — Jubilee Homes has added another job fair for central New Yorkers to gain more opportunities to meet, interview and get jobs with potential employers.

Jubilee Homes, a local non-profit organization is in the third year of running its Build to Work program in Syracuse. Build to work is a program that equips job seekers with the necessary skills to gain employment.

The two week, 30-hour course includes:

– Resume and cover letter building

– Job search and online application assistance

– Interview preparation

– Financial literacy counselling

Program Coordinator for workforce development at Jubilee Homes, Twiggy Billue, said some people face different problems than others when trying to secure a job. These problems are often referred to as barriers for employment.

“Barriers for employment can come in all forms,” Billue said. “Work ready is a mental and a physical thing, with I-9 requirements, background checks, and other things that are required pre-employment.”

This year, Jubilee Homes added a fifth job fair to their calendar helping people in the program find job openings in the community. Billue said, it’s an exciting opportunity that Jubilee Homes gets one more opportunity to connect job seeks with employers who need to fill jobs.

“We were able to bring seven employers to the room, we had construction companies, hotels, and banks. We were successfully able to get a couple of people interviewed and hired.”

The next Jubilee Homes job fair is August 24th.