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Didgeridoos and Australian Culture Inspire the Youth

Rob Thomas introducing Aboriginal Australia to children at McGraw Elementary School ©2018 Ashtyn Hiron

Click the play button above to learn about Didgeridoo Down Under educating central New York about Aboriginal Australian culture.

Audio Transcript:Didgeridoo Down Under with Rob Thomas.

By Ashtyn Hiron MCGRAW, N.Y. (NCC News) — Didgeridoo Down Under performed one of many interactive and educational shows on their tour through central New York this summer.

Identifying themselves as an “edu-tainment” group, the performers combine entertainment and education to promote kindness, acceptance and respect for all cultures.

Didgeridoo Down Under is presenting over 400 shows and workshops across the country this summer. Each show is inspired by Aboriginal Australian music, culture and art.

McGraw Elementary School was just one of the 20 locations in New York state that Didgeridoo Down Under will be performing at this week.

Rob Thomas interacts with children during his Didgeridoo Down Under performance. © 2018 Ashtyn Hiron

Performer Rob Thomas said, “I want to impart on kids the importance of being kind and respectful to each other, and being kind and respectful to nature, to animals, and to the planet.”

Thomas spent time living and traveling in Australia where he learned about Aboriginal Australian culture and sharpened his musical skills. Thomas uses the lessons he learned about Aboriginal culture and his 20 years of experience playing the didgeridoo to tell stories and teach lessons to young Americans.

“My partner and I we used to work with Aboriginal communities in Arnhem land so one of the things I also like to impart is energy of Aboriginal Australia to the kids through the sound,” said Thomas.

A detailed list of the locations Didgeridoo Down Under performs at can be found on the their website.