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President Trump’s Tariff on Chinese Imports Hurts a local Business in Syracuse

The Asian Food Market provides canned products, special snacks and desserts that can be imported only from China © 2018 Malika-Budur Kalila

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By Malika-Budur Kalila SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News)—The world’s two largest economies are experiencing a trade war, after President Trump imposes a 34-billion-dollar tariff on Chinese imports. 

Asian Food Market is a local store in Syracuse that brings 40 percent of its goods from China. Quin Li, a manager of the store, said after the implementation of the tariff, the store had to increase prices for Chinese products up to 25 percent. 

According to Li, the store gets vegetables and fruits from the local suppliers, but there are some “irreplaceable” products such as Chinese snacks, canned goods and traditional desserts that can be imported only from China. 

Many of the store’s consumers are international students from Asia. Li said, Asian students usually have difficulties adjusting to the American cuisine. For some students the home country foods are a necessity. He also recalled, this tariff may negatively affect students’ budget and will not allow them to buy as many products as before. 

“They don’t buy much, for 10-dollars money before they could buy 10 items, now they just buy six or seven items,” Li said. “It will make our business a little bit tough.”

The manager explained that this tariff does not affect only imported goods but also has a negative impact on the currency rate and money power. He said, the tariff depreciates the value of the local currency.

“For us the bad thing is a consumer will buy for more expensive,” Li said. “Money power is not strong like it was before the tariff.”