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I Scream…You Scream…We all Scream for…Beer?!

A traditional look at ice cream. (c) 2018 Sam Carter

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Sam Carter Syracuse, N.Y. (NCC News) – For some, in Central New York a freezing dish of ice cream is the best way to break the heat of a sweltering summer’s day. For others, cracking a cold beer is how they choose to beat the oppressive seasonal heat. One local ice cream maker has come up with something to satisfy both groups of people. That’s right, Beer Ice Cream.

The frozen treat is made by Gilligan’s Ice Cream, which was started by twin brothers Mike and Andy Lagoe and their business partner Gill Hodges. According Andy the Beer Ice Cream was invented on somewhat of a whim.

“We had some beer sitting around the shop a couple of years ago and wondered what the ice cream would taste like if we put some beer in there.”

The ice cream, which comes in three flavors: Beer, Coffee Beer and Chocolate Beer, is not for everyone, “Oh yea it’s got alcohol in it” Lagoe says, “None of the alcohol is cooked off in it. You have to be 21-years-old to eat it.”

Although Gilligan’s is best known for its Beer Ice Cream, they have recently collaborated with local wineries to start making wine ice cream. So, the next time you find yourself trying to decide between indulging in a dish of ice cream or drinking a cold one, just remember, you do not have to choose any more.