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Kathy Kelly Wants Central New Yorkers To Stand Up For Yemen

Syracuse residents listen to Kathy Kelly explain the current situation in Yemen. (c) 2018 Keanu Haghighi

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Audio Transcript: Haghighi Kelly Script

By Keanu Haghighi SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News)Three-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee and anti-war activist Kathy Kelly spoke to a packed church last night in Syracuse. She went into detail about how Yemeni children are suffering because of the ongoing Civil War and its impact on Central New York.

She heavily criticized the U.S. and Saudi coalition that is currently involved in Yemen.

Since 2015, the Saudis, who have been backed by U.S. funding, have been responsible for a series of bombings that have had catastrophic consequences on the children of Yemen and its healthcare system.

Kelly says that the Saudis have bombed Yemen’s central sewage and sanitation facility. Since the facility is in Sana, the countries capital, many Yemenis can not get access to clean water which has caused an epidemic of cholera.

According to UNICEF, a Yemeni child dies every ten minutes as a result of malnutrition, diarrhoea and respiratory tract infections.

Kelly thinks that the U.S. supporting this war has caused more domestic issues in Central New York,

“Resources that could be going towards solving problems related to healthcare, eldercare, childcare, environmental degradation are commandeered by a powerful United States Army,” said Kelly.

Syracuse resident Ann Tiffany has witnessed the issues in Central New York continue to go unsolved because most federal spending goes towards the military,

“The thing that touches people here the most is the Pentagon budget and how huge it is,” Tiffany said. “It’s affecting education and housing, food budgets, infrastructure.”

The U.S. budget for 2018 has allocated over half of its $300 billion towards defense spending.