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Fresh Food from your Local Food Bank may be Coming to an Area Near You!

Food Bank delivery truck. Used to make deliveries to and from the Food Bank. (c) 2018 Brandon Williams

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Audio Transcript: Food bank of CNY

By: Brandon Williams SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — The Food Bank of Central New York is doing its best to reach out to the community. They distribute more than one million pounds of food every month, across their 11 county service areas. The Food Bank provides healthy and out of reach food items to families in need.

The Food Bank is currently involved in a summer food service program. They are providing breakfast and lunch for children who currently are enrolled in non-school summer programs. The Food Bank is holding this program in Onondaga, Cayuga, Lewis, and St. Lawrence County. The Food Bank says that there is always a need, but there is just a different kind of need for children. They provide more kid-friendly options. For example, they are giving children things like peanut butter and jelly because they know a child could easily make a PB&J sandwich if their parent or guardian is not around.

The Food Bank has a Mobile Food Pantry (MFP) which allows them to reach out to communities with unmet needs. The MFP started in West Utica where they have no grocery stores. The area is considered a food desert. It has since expanded to include Syracuse and Cayuga County. The MFP has eight distributions a month and distributes meals right from the back of their truck. This allows the Food Bank to get meals directly in the hands of those in need. Chief Development Officer, Lynn Hy said, “And we distribute right from the back of our truck. To allow people to get those healthy, but, often out of reach foods, right there into their diet.” This is an example of the Food Bank’s community outreach efforts.

The Food Bank receives donations from various companies and groups in the community. One way people are able to donate is through the Food Bank’s Virtual Food Drive. This innovative service allows people to donate by purchasing food online that will go directly to the Food Bank.

The Food Bank is able to access lots of food at low prices. Hy said, “For every dollar that comes in, through any sort of donation, we’re able to provide three meals back into the community.” What may seem like a small donation, goes a long way.

The Food Bank of Central New York says they will continue to find new ways to expand and meet the needs of Central New Yorkers.