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Central New York Mets Fan Looks Forward to the Team Coming to Town

Zach Smith and his family would not let the heat keep them for seeing the Mets play (c) 2017 Zach Smith

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By Ramon Hernandez SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News/

When news broke late last year that the New York Mets were purchasing the Syracuse Chiefs and bringing their minor league club to the city, it was received with mixed feelings. Some believed that the loss of community ownership of the team was not good for local baseball. At least one local Mets fan, however, is looking forward to spending much of 2019 at NBT Bank Stadium.

“I’ve talked with people to try to get season tickets,” Herkimer county native Zach Smith, 25, said, “To try to go there, to go see 60 games or however many I can go see. Every Saturday, if there is a game I’ll go see (it).”

Smith, who has been a Mets fan for 20 of his 25 years, said that he is overjoyed with his favorite team making their way to central New York.

“It’s great to see the Mets coming up here,” he said, “It’s great for the city. To have their triple A affiliate, to see the up and comers come up and we can go see them in Syracuse and it’s only an hour drive.”

Bringing their minor league affiliate to a local market will make being a Mets fan easier, Smith said. With a Mets team in Syracuse he will not have to deal with long travel days quite as often.

“I like to go see them as often as possible,” he said, “But being four hours away makes it kind of difficult.”

He hopes that with the change comes the chance for a new young star to grow in the local minor league system. The chance to see a great player develop and just hang out around the local area would be quite the experience, he said.

“It’d be great to go to Stella’s on Sunday morning,” Smith said, “and see some rising stud, 19-year-old kid just hanging out eating with his teammates and all the people sitting around him like ‘oh my god, you see that guy?’”

Between watching the franchise he grew up loving, and the prospect of farming a new star, Zach Smith plans on spending much of 2019 in Syracuse.