Study: Millennials Are Stiffing Servers

By Erica Pieschke SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – Pinpointing what exactly a “millennial” is can be hard to do. Look up millennial on Urban Dictionary and you’ll see it’s “a term used by insecure idiots to dismiss somebody aged 10-35.” Ask a  Syracuse bartender, and he’ll describe them as hipsters, coffee lovers or simply “19-year-old kids.”

No matter how millennials are defined, it’s what the young adults ages 18 to 37 are doing — or actually not doing — when they are dining out that is garnering attention.

A recent study suggests that millennials are the worst tippers in the country. The results of a 1,000 people surveys about their tipping habits concluded that one in three millennials chose the lowest tipping option (if options were provided), while 10 percent declined to tip at all.

Faegan’s Pub bartender Kyle Schirtz suggests there are two primary reasons that millennial customers may not tip as much at the popular Syracuse University pub. He said either the customers are living on a college budget and don’t have any extra cash, or they don’t see a need to tip the bar staff.

“We get a lot of kids in here that are honestly pretty entitled,” Schirtz said. “They don’t want to tip because they don’t think that they have to tip because we’re ‘only’ pouring drinks for them.”

This study not only focuses on the tips given to waiters or bartenders, but also points out that tips given to Uber and Lyft drivers are also smaller or non-existent at all. While tipping any sort of service is something that many adults have done since an early age, this is becoming an increasing issue for today’s younger adults.

“We’re seeing younger adults tipping less,” senior industry analyst Matt Schulz said in the report. “Even showing a greater preference toward eliminating tipping altogether.”