Cricket in Syracuse is a piece of home for players

by Karthik Venkataraman, SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News)– Imagine a warm summer night. The swing of a bat, a bat making contact with the ball and players catching balls in the field.

I bet you’re thinking baseball, but for the Syracuse University Cricket Club, it’s all about cricket.

For them playing is their home away from home. Most of them have been playing the sport since their childhood, and it was the first sport they fell in love with.

“It’s amazing,” player Hamza Sadiq said, “it’s something that’s in our blood. I’ve been playing cricket since I don’t know, since childhood.)

The team is composed of people from overseas that are current students, alumni and university staff.

“We play every Wednesday and Friday or Saturday, depending on availability,” player Dheeraj Menon. “Even though it’s a practice session, we do play in a professional way. It’s not just for the sake of practice. We keep the game competitive every time so that everyone gets a challenge.”

The club plays at the Skytop Infield on South Campus at Syracuse University.

“You know coming from Pakistan you don’t expect you’ll have cricket here in the U.S,” Sadiq said. “But I was amazed to see they play regularly. And when I tell people back home it’s competitive, they don’t believe it’s competitive. But actually it’s very competitive.”

The players say it’s more than just a past-time for them. Cricket is a religion.

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