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Schoolyard Game Reimagined in Syracuse

By Tyler Dudley SYRACUSE (NCC NEWS) – One sports league is taking your schoolyard game of kickball to a whole other level.

Nearly a decade ago, Andrew Cherok took the game he and his friends were playing for fun and took an opportunity to formally organize a league, known as the Syracuse Sports Association.

Cherok said the league now offers other sports outside of kickball and has about 60 teams.

However, you have to be 18 years or older to play. Even though this kickball league is only for adults, Cherok said it’s just as fun.

“It’s a little different than when you were a kid,” Cherok said. “I guess there’s a little more rules, but it’s just as fun. A little more competitive.”

Jessica Bender has been playing in this kickball league for three seasons and said it’s nice to get out and meet people.

Cherok believes the best part of it all is getting to work out and socialize at the same time. He said in this day and age of social media, it’s nice to meet people face to face.

Even though it is just a game, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t come with competitiveness.

“Everyone is more worried with just socializing and having some fun with friends, more so than winning,” Cherok said. “You get a few people that always want to win.”

For Bender, her favorite part is making sure she gets on base and doesn’t get out.

This season of the kickball league just started and has leagues take place throughout summer. Cherok said whether you have a team or not, there’s always a spot for you.