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You Can Save Money Owning an Electric Car

By Brittany Henderson SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News)— You may think the cost of electric cars are expensive, but the Central New York Regional Planning and Development Board  is reminding people that the state and a federal law ensures that expensive purchase can also put some money back in your pockets.

According to Amanda Mazzoni, senior director of CNY Planning and Development Board, in the state of New York a person can get up to two thousanddollars back in rebate after purchasing an electric car and get even more money back through the federal electric car tax break.

“For anyone in the U.S. who buys and electric vehicle, the tax credit is up to seventy-five hundred dollars per vehicle,” Mazzoni said.

Owning an electric car has more benefits than getting money back from a purchase. Electric car owners can also save money on carservices like getting an oil change because electric cars don’t require them.

In addition to oil changes Mazzoni said electric car owners can also save money on fuel because electricity prices are more stable than gasoline.

While gas prices consistently rise and fall for various reasons, the average price for electricity to charge an electric is about f 49 cents per e-gallon.

The State of New York has been pushing to get more people to buy electric cars to improve the environment, but Mazzoni said increasing the number of electric car users is very similar to the chicken and egg concept.

“Which comes first people switching to electric vehicles or the changing stations?” Mazzoni said.

Mazzoni said people are hesitant to buy electric cars because they are afraid there aren’t enough places to charge them, while electric charge companies hold back on opening charge station because there may not be enough electric car owners in the area. Mazzoni said that is why New York state is getting funding to build more charge stations. She said electric car owners can also charge their cars at home.

Christopher Gaza from San Antonio Texas said although he has advantages from owning an electric car, the furthest his furthest travel is a little over 35 miles on a full charge in his Chevy Volt. That makes his commutes short. Gaza said since his car takes gasoline he uses more gas than charging his car.

“I find myself filling up in the volt less than once a month,” Gaza said.

Electrek reports the average distance that electric cars travel increased from 75 miles in 2011 to 114 miles in 2017.

According to there are about 170 electric car owners spread throughout Onondaga County. Mazzoni said there are several stations in Syracuse including a few at Destiny USA.