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Heat Advisory in Syracuse Raises Red Flag for Health Concerns

By Alexis Scott SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – The heat index went up to 101 degrees in Syracuse and even hotter in surrounding areas. Paired with Southern-like humidity, The National Weather Service says one major health concern is heat stroke.

Medical doctor, Jeremy Joslin of Upstate Medical Hospital said that many people believe they’re having a heat stroke, when in reality they’re experiencing heat exhaustion. He explained that the stroke happens when your body gets too hot and your brain “overheats.” Exhaustion is when your body is “uncomfortable” but stable, and you just need a moment to recoup. He said on average, 42 percent of American people said they’ve experienced stroke-like symptoms and come in for evaluation but are 100 percent healthy.

He also said that babies who aren’t yet 5 years old and adults over the age of 70 should be watched closely when temperatures start to rise above 85 degrees. Joslin said the person who’s suffering won’t know if they’re sick because they act “unlike themselves.”

“You’re literally not in the right state of mind. You have an altered mental status at the time and you’re not aware of what’s happening.”

Though, the city ended up getting some rain later in the day and cooling off, Syracuse officials said a hot day like this could happen again and that residents should remember to limit outside activity to a minimum, drink a lot of water, and not over exert their bodies during exercise.