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Meyer Manor Apartment gets a go-ahead despite neighbor’s opposition

By Eshalaxmi Barlingay SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – After three years of extensive discussions, meetings, planning and vocal opposition from the neighbors, the Meyer Manor apartments got a green light from the Liverpool officials on Tuesday.

The apartment complex is set to start construction on 1225 Tulip Street. With four three story buildings holding 27 units each, the complex is expected to spread across seven acres of land.

However, the nearby residents said they feel this will increase the amount of vehicle traffic on the road and disturb the neighborhood’s quite ambiance.

Richard Swift is one of the residents of Donald Place, near the Meyer Manor site in Tulip Street. He’s been actively involved in the community discussions and has opposed the project.

“We tried to voice our concern and displeasure,” Swift said. “We didn’t win the argument so be it.”

As a Liverpool resident for more than 50 years, Swift said the community relationship is very important.

“But if you live next to a big apartment block, where you don’t know anybody and you don’t know any of the families or children or whoever is running around the neighborhood, that could get to be problematic,” Swift said.

According to him, there were many changes that were brought on the table for the Liverpool officials to consider like sewer system, traffic and school safety.

The neighbors said the developer of the apartments and Liverpool officials have agreed to put on a six-foot fence near the border of the community so they can contain the traffic light and give them some privacy.

“The deed is done,” Swift said. “I can’t do anything about it. Let’s see.”