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Flip Flops: Fashion or Foe

By Mye Owens ¬†Syracuse, N.Y. (NCC NEWS) –

It’s summer time, and nothing says beach ready more than flip-flops. They are comfortable, easy to put on, and come at an extremely affordable cost. But, despite how comfortable these shoes feel on your feet, you may want to find another pair of shoes to wear throughout the summer.

Why are flip-flops bad for your feet?

As you walk throughout the day, it’s important to have proper support underneath your feet. Your foot has three arches, and without the proper support, those arches can cause stress on the body. Most flip-flops might be affordable and stylish, but they do not normally offer the type of support needed for the arches of your feet.

What happens to your feet if you were flip-flops for a long period of time?

As you were flip-flops throughout the day, your feet tend to wear down the flip-flop. Not only can this cause damages to the arches of your feet, but your ankles can suffer too. Your ankles can become venerable to sprains without the proper support. This can also lead to a condition called Hammertoe. Hammertoe is when the knuckles of your toes bend and stay like that forever. When you wear flip-flops your toes have to put in extra work to keep the shoe on your foot. This is what causes Hammertoe to develop over time.

Is it safe to drive while wearing flip flops?

Just like with any backless shoe, it can be very difficult to drive with flip-flops on. Driving with flip-flops can lead you to worry about your shoe possible slipping off your feet and the shoe possibly getting  caught underneath the gas or brake pedal.

Features of a “safe flip flop”

  • firm arch
  • thick sole
  • good traction