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Local Landlords React to New Housing Developments

By Tyler Dudley SYRACUSE (NCC NEWS) – Local landlords are concerned about how three new housing developments that will create more than 1,000 new apartments around Syracuse University’s campus will affect the neighborhood and community.

The new multi-story apartment complexes will add to existing SU student housing options such as Campus West or University Village. Other students choose to work directly with local homeowners and rent a full house among a group of people or rent single bedrooms.

Local homeowner Sue Stonecash has been renting bedrooms in her Comstock Ave. house to graduate students for seven years.

“Having the students live here enabled me… to earn additional money to keep up with the expenses of the house,” Stonecash said about renting to students.

She said while new housing developments will offer more housing for students there are still a few concerns.

“The density of the number of students that will be housed here is going to impact parking, is going to impact traffic, our infrastructure, our sewage, our water,” Stonecash said.

Stonecash said international students enjoy living in single-family homes that are fully furnished because they don’t have to worry about furniture, kitchen utensils or laundry facilities.

Raghav Puri, an international student from India that lives on Westcott Street, prefers to live in a house where everything was available.

“I prefer to have the landlord there so whenever you have any problems,” Puri said. “I also wanted to live with a local family because I was coming from a different country so I wanted to become more familiar with things around the U.S. and things in Syracuse.”

Ben Tupper, who manages Rentfromben.com properties that are typically rented by students, said he focuses on giving back to the community and ensuring that all the students he rents to are safe.

“I reinvest a lot of my money that I earn as profit back into the community because I value the social fabric around me,” Tupper said. “I want the neighborhood to be an exciting, electric, different fun place to live,” Tupper said.

The three new housing developments being built around Syracuse University are:

Between these three new housing developments, there will be 1,300 available units for students.

Stonecash said she isn’t concerned about having vacancies.

“I think there’s always going to be a need or desire form graduate students to live with families… because it’s a much less expensive way to have housing,” Stonecash said.

Tupper said renting out bedrooms to students in single-family homes still has its benefits.

“The vast majority of students still prefer options that are economical and give them their independence,” Tupper said.