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CNS High School Simulates DWI Crash Scene

CNS High School seniors react to the DWI demonstration that the Onondaga Sheriffs Office and the Town of Cicero Police hosted

DWI demo crash script

By Jonathan Singh Cicero N.Y. (NCC NEWS) – The North Syracuse School District in conjunction with the Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office and the Town of Cicero Police Department hosted a mock DWI crash Friday morning at Cicero-North Syracuse High School on Route 31.

More than 600 students stepped out of their classroom and walked into the schools parking lot to watch the annual DWI Crash demo. CNS students organized the demo including volunteering for roles as victims and a drunk driver.

The goal for the demonstration was to simulate what happens when law enforcement arrives at the scene of a crash.

“This was an eye-opening moment for me. I hope my classmates were able to take this in and understand how serious this is,” CNS senior Riley Hogan said.

As firefighters, sheriffs, and other medical personnel came to the scene, they began pulling out the victims who were struck head-on by the drunk driver. The driver managed to exit his vehicle on his own and suffered only minor injuries.

“It’s sad to see the causalities that occur from drinking and driving. Many resources out there allow us to transport ourselves from place to place. It doesn’t take much to call an Uber, or a taxi,” CNS senior Tobias Martin said.

After the demo concluded many students were quiet, shook, and it was clear that CNS got the message out to their students.

“This is reality, this is what happens,” Hogan said. “We need to make the right decisions, be smart, and say something if we see something.”

As prom and graduation season approach, CNS High School urges students to make smart decisions when attending after school events and social gatherings.

New York State regulations on DWI and the five conditions of impaired driving can be found below.

DWI violation list