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A Kickboxing Gym is Changing Lives

Kickboxers working together to burn off the calories. (c) 2018 Ashley Burroughs

By: Ashley Burroughs Syracuse, N.Y. (NCC NEWS)– Many go to the gym to get in shape but some are joining fitness classes to find a life changing discovery of themselves.

Tish Dobrovech faced one of life’s toughest battles and credits kickboxing as her saving grace.

“I have survived cancer so being healthy and fit is important to me,” Dobrovech said.

Dobrovech attends classes weekly at Burn Kickboxing, which recently moved to a new location in North Syracuse.

Manager Brian Bellucci said these fitness classes aim to make gym members such as Dobrovech feel like family.

“We know every person who comes through the door and we know why they come,” Bellucci said. “We take time to really get to know our members.”

Kickboxing has become a fun new lifestyle and kickboxers like Martha Love have already seen improvements in their lives.

“I mentally feel better and physically feel stronger,” Love said. “This is the most challenging thing I have ever done and I really enjoy it.”

Going to the gym may be a struggle for some but for these kickboxers they can’t wait to receive the encouraging words from their instructor, hear the loud music blasting in the background, and feel motivated when they strap on boxing gloves.

Dobrovech loves the camaraderie at the gym and how each session feels different.

“It’s not the same and I really like that,” Dobrovech said. “This is my me time.”

Bellucci who has been working at this gym for three years, said he feels rewarded when people reach their personal goals.

“It’s amazing to see the changes that people can receive from physical activity,” Bellucci said. “Everyone has a goal and a purpose and we want to help them get there.”

Burn Kickboxing, 628 S. Main Street in North Syracuse, offers daily classes for all ages and fitness levels.