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Potential Rule Changes Pose a Threat to Major League Baseball

Jason Kipnis (22) digs in against the Kansas City Royals (C) 2014 Josh Widman

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Audio Transcript:New MLB rule proposals

By Josh Widman SYRACUSE, N.Y.(NCC News) — Baseball has been in existence for nearly two centuries, and the game could be headed toward drastic changes. For years, Major League Baseball has made a concerted effort to make the game more interesting and speed up pace of play. This past winter, they proposed two new rules. One of them would have every extra inning begin with a runner on second base. The other one would allow for teams to send their three best hitters to bat if they were trailing in the ninth inning. It would not matter where a team is in the batting order. Baseball purists are not thrilled with these potential changes.

“I don’t think there was a need to change it,” said Jon Defouw. “I’m 100 percent sure this is based on revenue and TV revenue.”

Defouw has coached at the high-school level and below since 1991. He also played high school baseball. Connor Walsh is a former teammate and competitor of mine. We both started playing tee-ball and finished playing high school baseball. He believes the idea of sending the three best hitters up in the ninth is flawed, especially at the high school level.

“High school baseball is all about getting opportunities,” Walsh said. “You’re trying to make yourself stand out.”

Both Defouw and Walsh consider themselves baseball purists and don’t want to see the game changed.

“The game is slow,” Defouw said. “Kids are either gonna like it or not.”

Baseball is unique, and the MLB is messing with the factors that make it different than any other sport. While trying to appeal to casual fans and people who will never be interested, the league may be ruining the game for people who love it.



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Audio Transcript:Connor Walsh Raw Interview