Syracuse University Students and Alumni Unhappy With Tuition Spike

Pictured here is Syracuse University’s office of admissions where prospective students meet to start tours on campus. Those future students will pay over $70,000 next year at SU. (C) Josh Schafer 2018

Click play above to hear why Syracuse students will pay more in tuition next year. 

Audiot transcript: Schafer_Tuition script

By Josh Schafer SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News)- The Syracuse University Senate released a budget report last Wednesday afternoon which revealed a $3,300 tuition spike as first reported by The Daily Orange.

The concept of increased tuition isn’t something new for Syracuse students, but this one is different. The $3,300 dollars is more than the average increase which is usually meant coincide with inflation increases each year.

Sophomore Alli Heath is one of many students wondering where this money is going. Heath wants tangible results.

“People would be less upset about it if they actually saw what is going towards,” Heath said,”and the impact was a little bit more immediate.”

Freshman Digna Bernard, who currently works at the front desk in the Schine Student Center, is worried that the tuition spike will make the university unaffordable. Bernard’s job at the student center is a work study position granted by SU. Last semester, she was limited on hours to ensure she didn’t exceed the $3,000 maximum income set by the university. Bernard already uses some of that money to pay for housing. With limited hours and an increase in cost, Bernard is in a bind.

And it’s not just current SU students upset with the spike. When the Daily Orange first tweeted out the story last week, several alumni expressed their mixed feelings.

Trevor Bombard is one of many who disagree with the direction the university is headed. SU defends its decision by saying the increased tuition will help fund the Invest Syracuse project.

Whether students and faculty agree with it or not, the university is changing. And current and future students will pay for it.