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How Students Feel About Their College’s New Relationship Policy

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Audio Transcript: University Relationship Ban

By Riley Didier SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — Over the past couple years, colleges and universities nationwide have continued to edit their policy manual by creating a new policy banning all undergraduate and faculty relationships.

Many students feel differently about this policy, either being for or against this this new ban. But, most of the students feel as if this protection is unnecessary.

Many schools have said this policy is necessary because relationships between college faculty and undergraduates could create a conflict of interest, giving certain students benefits that not all students receive.

“Students and faculty should be allowed to date who they want to date but at the same time I understand why the rule is being put in place because I think it could provide unfair advantages for the student if they were to be dating the faculty member,” said freshman Kat Elliot. “And, if there were to be a breakup between the faculty member and the student it not only could be an uncomfortable situation for both the student and faculty member but also the student’s grades could maybe suffer as a result of the faculty member trying to get back at the student.”

It is likely that more schools across the country will continue to put a stop to these relationships for many different reasons, but with a goal to protect students from making a decision they could one day come to regret.