CNY Gas Prices Are Predicted To Reach Highest Price In Three Years

An increase in gas prices tends to happens every year, but it doesn't make anything easier for CNY residents. (c) 2018 Giulia Milana

Video transcript: GasPrices_5Mar18

By Giulia Milana EAST SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – Springtime in Syracuse doesn’t only bring warmer weather, but it also brings higher gas prices. For the first time since the summer of 2015, gas prices are predicted to rise to upwards of $3 a gallon.

According to AAA Gas Prices, the average price of gas in Syracuse is $2.63, which is $.30 higher than this time last year. The price will begin to rise in early April and will continue to increase through the summer. A price spike in the spring is not out of the ordinary, according to Todd Ingraham, the Fleet Operations Manager at AAA Western & Central New York.

“With the warmer weather and travel, the demand for fuel increases,” Ingraham said. “Plus the crude oil manufacturing is just switching over to a summer-type blend which is more expensive to

Driver Joe Talarico always tries to make sure he’s paying the lowest possible gas price. Talarico said that he even drove down the street to a gas station where gas was $0.36 cheaper. But for Talarico and other drivers like him, the spring price increase will force him to make unwanted changes in his life.

“When you have a family of five and you have all different expenses, I think that you look for ways to cut costs,” Talarico said. “Traveling less, taking less vacation, or doing things that cut down on your travel time.”

Talarico is not alone. In fact, the American Automobile Association, also known as AAA, published survey results in which 25 percent of drivers said they would change their driving habits if gas prices hit $2.75, and 40 percent of drivers said that $3.00 is their tipping point. Of these consumers, the survey found that customers would:

  • Combine errands and trips (79%)
  • Drive less (73%)
  • Reduce shopping and dining out (61%)
  • Delay major purchases (50%)
  • Drive more fuel-efficient vehicles (46%)

Although Ingraham said that price increase is common, he said that it will still definitely affect how people live their lives on a daily basis. Ingraham offered tips to drivers looking to save money on gas, such as: cutting down on long distance trips, combining errands, and parking your car in a centralized location.

Todd Ingraham, the manager at AAA Western & Central New York, has tips on how consumers can save money on gas. (c) 2018 Giulia Milana