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Bowling Is Bringing Millions To The Syracuse Economy

NCC News reporter Georgie Volturo tells us how the USBC Open Championship is bringing business to Syracuse.


By Georgie Volturo SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — Business  is booming at Ale N Angus Pub in Downtown Syracuse. They have seen a surge in costumers since the end of March, and they’ve had to hire new staff, just to keep up. Aside from their award winning burgers and friendly service, this surge in business has come from bowling.

That’s because right across the street from the pub, the Oncenter is currently holding the United States Bowling Congress Open Championships, and bowlers and spectators alike have given Ale N Angus an influx in business, according to owner Randy Beach.

“We have hired one new server … and we’ve put on two people in the kitchen area. The problem is some of the staff was not used to this volume,” said Beach, “so we want to be able to still maintain our 100 percent quality.”

From Ale N Angus you can look out the window and see the Oncenter. In fact, according to Matt Cannizzaro, a USBC spokesman, the Oncenter is about “66 steps away from Ale N Angus.”

Syracuse has held the USBC Open Championship five times, according to Cannizzaro, including the current tournament, and it has been a successful event each time, which is part of the reason the USBC wanted to bring the event back to Syracuse this year.

This event has also been very lucrative for the host cities in the past few years. Based on data from all these cities, and Syracuse’s past in hosting the event, this year’s championship is projected to make anywhere from $75 million to $100 million for the local economy.

Cannizzaro says one thing in particular is popular amongst bowlers: restaurants. So Ale N Angus, and other restaurants, shops, and attractions downtown will continue to reap the benefits of the Championship during the entire duration of the event, until its conclusion on July 8th.

For those interested in watching the bowling, admission is free in the hopes that Syracuse locals will become as interested in bowling as bowlers have become interested in Syracuse.

Some bowlers compete while others watch at the 2018 USBC Open Championship in Syracuse. (c) 2018 Georgiana Volturo