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CNY Landscapers and Insurance Agents Help Repair Damage After Snowstorm

Local tree services and insurance companies are left picking up after the snowstorm that blew through Central New York last Friday. (c) 2018 Emily Barkann

Video transcript: Barkann Package 3 Tree Cleanup 5Mar18

By Emily Barkann SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – Central New York has some of the worst weather in the nation, which benefitted landscaping and insurance companies after Friday’s record-breaking snowstorm.

When rain falls, water runs off trees causing minimal damage, but when snow falls, it piles up and weighs down branches until they snap.

“Once you see the storm hits and you see where the damage is and who’s dealing with it, you can go right to the municipality and offer your services, and if they need you, they’ll hire you,” said Ken Griffin, owner of Griffin Tree Service. “As long as you got the insurance they require and the equipment they need.”

Trees all over Central New York are falling down after this past weekend’s massive snow storm. Natural emergencies keep industries like landscaping and insurance alive. Companies like this are dealt the task of working quickly to save people’s property.

“I had a client that had a tree fall on her shed, you know, and then one tree fell on her car, and…we sorta explain the claim process to them, you know, what to expect and, even with a client that fell on her car, she called the claim at like 11 o’clock and she got a call from our field adjuster at 1 o’clock to go over the claim with her, get out and meet with her, and get it taken care of,” said Tom Fensken, a MetLife Insurance Agent in Liverpool.

This time of year trees fall all the time. If a tree falls on your property it is recommended that you:

  • Vacate the area the tree fell in
  • Call police or power company if wires are down
  • Try to take pictures of the damage
  • Call your insurance company

Griffin Tree Service and MetLife Insurance agreed that even though the weather is unpredictable, they work in an area that does not fall short of extreme storm damages, leaving them ready to help the community in a moment’s notice. The community is bracing itself for another snowstorm this weekend and will ultimately rely on the help of tree experts and insurance companies.

Tree removal service moves branches off a CNY homeowner's lawn. (c) 2018 Emily Barkann