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Local Bowling Alley Profits From The OnCenter Bowling Tournament

Syracuse’s All Star Alley & Tavern is gaining daytime business from USBC tournament bowlers. © 2018 Payton May

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By Payton May SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News)– All Star Alley & Tavern customers are getting a full view of every gutter ball the United States Bowling Committee bowlers make in practice. The alley has partnered with the USBC tournament to advertise and gain day-time business with free practice lanes according to Event Coordinator of All Star Alley & Tavern Emily Pease.

“It is improving business, definitely, and especially during the day when they’re coming in to practice,” Pease said.

All Star Alley & Tavern has not only given bowlers free practice lanes, but also coupons for the other amenities at the alley, such as the arcade, food, and bar.

“We actually had a contact that told us about the competition, and we reached out and we’re in their little greeting bag,” Pease said. “They get a coupon to come and bowl and stuff.”

Pease also said the demographics are changing for the alley since the tournament brings in people from all fifty states and many different countries.  Staff said people traveled here from the Bahamas, Bermuda, Canada, Colombia, England, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico and Switzerland according to the USBC Open Championships.

The bowlers of the tournament also bring their families to come bowl at night for fun, instead of competition according to Pease.

The bowling tournament has a record low attendance in Syracuse this year. Public Relations of the USBC Matt Cannizzaro said that is because of the small capacity of people the OnCenter can hold.

Cannizzaro said that the future of bowling does look bright though, with youth groups becoming increasingly more popular.

The partnership is set to continue throughout the tournament at the OnCenter according to Pease.