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Upstate Medical University has found a new method that according to their research is far more accurate than the current method of a simple questionnaire.

By Kimberly Arreola  SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – Upstate Medical University is bringing hope to the Autistic Community.


Researchers from Upstate, New York have developed a new method that can be used to help diagnose Autism. According to Dr. Frank Middleton this new method is as easy as using saliva to test and check for the cell called microRNA.


MicroRNA is cellular RNA fragment that stops the production of a specific protein by destroying the messenger RNA that would have produced the protein. The method explained previously will change the lives of the Autistic Community.


Dr. Middleton explains how the method is based on biology rather than opinion like the current procedure. The current procedure is a questionnaire and is solely based on responses, therefore making it 50 percent accurate.


“This new method is 84 percent accurate and although it may not seem like much it’s much better than the current one,” says Middleton.


Dr. Middleton hopes that helping diagnose Autism at an earlier age will allow those in the Autism Spectrum to develop a much more pleasurable life and allow them to create their own experiences.


At the moment Upstate has done research on over 500 children ages two to six years old and the institution hopes to implement the new method by the end of this year.