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New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo Proposes New Legislation on Accessing Employee’s Salary History

Governor Andrew Cuomo announced new legislation on Tuesday that employers will be banned from asking about future employee’s salary history, which according to Governor Cuomo, helps address the pay gap between men and women.

“The gender pay gap exists across the economic spectrum, across all industries, and can follow women throughout their entire careers,” Governor Cuomo said. “By banning salary history, we can break the weight of this unfair, unequal cycle and work to achieve fair pay for all women in this state.”

Governor Cuomo continued and said that New York already has the narrowest gap in the nation between men and women.  Women make 89 cents on men’s dollars.

Governor Cuomo announced this proposed legislation on Equal Pay Day, which was Tuesday, April 10th.

According to The Business Council of New York State, New York state already has strong legal protection against wage discrimination and the council has already opposed legislation such as this, previously.

A similar law was passed last year in 2017, but only applies to New York City, rather than New York State.