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Feeding the homeless of Syracuse

Homeless of Syracuse helped by We Rise Above the Street Volunteers. (c) Eshalaxmi Barlingay

By Eshalaxmi Barlingay SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – With the falling temperatures and Syracuse being the snowiest place in Central New York, most of the citizens find warmth in their homes, except the ones who have no home. In 2017, there were 444 homeless people with no warm clothes to shield themselves from the frigid weather.  However, one organization is doing their best to provide basic necessities to the homeless.

We Rise Above the Streets is a non profit organization that aims to reach out to the ones who are in need. Its founder, Alamin Muhammad, was once homeless. After battling with homelessness, poverty and going in and out of jail, Muhammad now works for the community and hopes no one feels the way that he did. “We eat, they eat” is his motto.

Every Saturday, We Rise Above the Streets volunteers come together and make sandwiches and food for the homeless, an event known as – Sandwich Saturday. After making around 600 sandwiches and packing them with other food items, volunteers head toward a bridge on Gifford Street in Syracuse, where they start distributing the food packets.

It is not just food packets that’s distributed every Saturday; They also distribute clothes, winter wear: jackets, blankets, gloves, medicines, hot chocolate and fruits.

“I come here every Saturday, ” said Bobby, a resident of Syracuse. Bobby has been homeless for a very long time and says We Rise Above the Street’s help makes him live through the winters. Now he has a roof over his head, but he still recollects his past life. “Recently, I got in some trouble, a physical confrontation, and I got out of prison a couple of months ago,” Bobby said. He then spent three weeks at Rescue Mission, a place where he gets his food from every day.

Bobby has a daughter, but he says he hardly gets to meet her. “Her financial situation seems to be way better than mine,” Bobby added. Now, he looks forward to Saturdays, “I very much appreciate what these people are doing for us and the poor community,” Bobby said.

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