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USBC Tournament Expected To Donate To Habitat for Humanity

The Oncenter transformed into a bowling venue complete with 48 lanes. (c ) 2018 Brenda Koopsen

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Audio Transcript: USBC Open Championships

By Brenda Koopsen SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — The bowling championships may build more than just competition this year. With 102 days left to go, the Bowling Congress has something special in store for the community.

While the bowling lanes for the USBC Open Championships won’t be here to stay, the production team aims to work with a local organization to donate materials to the community after the tournament, according to Communications Manager Aaron Smith.

“The bowling venue was constructed with the hope of being able to maximize salvageable materials at the end of the event”, said Smith. “This year, we’ll team up with the local chapter of Habitat for Humanity.”

He said the team usually takes 10 days to tear down the bowling venue at the conclusion of the Bowling Congress’ stay.

“During past builds, we’ve generally had enough salvageable materials at the end to construct approximately three-to-five three-bedroom houses,” Smith said.

The bowling championships improve business and generates revenue for the City of Syracuse, according to Smith. However, that’s not all—community members can expect to see increased benefits from the tournament’s stay with the donation of the salvageable materials.

While just 225 bowlers competed today, 850 can be expected on an average day, he said. However, Smith said the experience is unique each and every day.

“For us, our motto is every day is opening day,” said Smith. “So, the competitors coming in, whether it’s day 5 or 6…110…whatever it may be, for those competitors coming in, this is their first experience here at the venue with the event, in Syracuse perhaps as well, so we’re ready to make a lasting impression.”

The USBC Open Championships will conclude on July 8.