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New Study Shows Low-Income Students are Still Struggling to Graduate from College

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By Josh Radler SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — A New York Times study released this week showed there has been a rise over the last two decades in low-income students going to college. Surprisingly, while more of these students are attending universities, the number of these students graduating hasn’t gone up. Former high school teacher-turned-college professor William Myhill says the explanation is clear. “Students in low-income households are more likely to be first-generation college students. These students are not getting the same advice and guidance that second and third generation students can receive, said Myhill.

Myhill also mentioned how low-income students tend to go to worse high schools and come to college slightly less prepared. Dan Magidenko knows this far too well. He had to do a lot more than the average high schooler just to get into college. “To get money, I worked long hours at stores just to save up to buy books and SAT. Obviously, that helped a lot, but it’s the most I could have done,” said Magidenko.

Dan knows his experience made him a better man, but he still wishes his family understood what he was going through a little bit more. “My family comes from Russia. They don’t really understand what marketing or social media marketing is. So obviously it’s a lot harder to talk to them. They can’t really help me as much, so like I said, emotionally that’s all they can do,” said Magidenko.

In order to change the culture, Myhill and Magidenko both agree that schools need to change how they teach high school students, stating that not everyone comes from the same schooling, so it is crucial that those with a disadvantage have their needs met.