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Vet Center Welcomes Director Seeking To Expand Therapy Services

The Syracuse Vet Center on Pine Street hosts an open house to introduce their new director to the community.

Audio Transcript: New Vet Center Director 

By Liam McMonagle SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News)– The Vet Center in Syracuse welcomes a new director this week, and he says he is looking to expand accessibility to services for local veterans. Frank Salvadore–who takes over the position after the retirement of Jan Humphrey this week–says his focus is providing more options for veterans seeking counseling and other therapy services.

The center currently provides PTSD and military sexual trauma counseling for active duty service members and veterans who have served in combat. Salvadore said he isn’t looking to make major changes; Instead, his focus is bettering the services the center already provides and expanding the center’s reach. He also said one of his first priorities is providing options during what he calls “non-traditional” hours.

“That’s kind of a deficit we have right now, is there’s not a lot of group therapy options in the evening,” Salvadore said. “That’s an area we are looking to improve upon.”  His goal is to implement these changes over the course of the next six months.

Although he may be a new addition to the Vet Center, Salvadore isn’t new to veterans’ services and behavioral health. His previous experience includes working with the Behavioral Health Outpatient Clinic of Syracuse, and he currently serves as a behavioral health officer in the Army National Guard.

Liam McMonagle, NCC NEWS