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Giant Doghouse Wins Local Snow Sculpture Contest

Click the play button above to hear about which entry won a local snow sculpture competition.

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By Nicole Weaving SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — After 16 inches of snow fell on Syracuse on Friday, Christina Tobias decided she wanted to build a snowman Saturday morning. Her boyfriend and resident of 853 Livingston Ave., Basil Adams, was on board to go out and enjoy the fresh powder. Before leaving the house, Adams received an email about a snow sculpture contest and suggested to Tobias that they should try it out.

“We grew up making jumps in my front yard that we would ride our skis down and, like, jump off of and, like, jump over sleds or anything,” Adams said. “But never really, like, sculpting, so this was a first for me.”

In Adams’ eyes, a pile of snow near his garage resembled a doghouse, inspiring the design for their sculpture. Tobias took to shaping the dog while Adams worked on the doghouse. Once they were finished, the couple submitted it to the contest.

This morning, Adams and Tobias found out that their giant doghouse had won, earning them the $200 cash prize. Adams plans to take his girlfriend out on a special date with the money.

“I was going to take her to dinner,” Adams said. “I have gotten suggestions, like the York downtown, but I was thinking Turning Stone Steakhouse. Something fancy.”

The giant doghouse was one of seven entries in OPR Developers’ second annual snow sculpture contest. According to property manager Erica Thomas, the local housing provider holds the contest to get students out enjoying the snow.

“A lot of times I hear everyone complaining about the snow–complaining of driving in the snow, having to shovel the snow,” Thomas said. “So just kind of offering that cash prize is more of an incentive to get out there and play. It’s meant to be fun, meant to be lighthearted. Sometimes people need a little bit of an incentive to do that.”

These numbers are down from the ten entries last year, and Thomas believes it has to do with the timing of the contest this year.

“Last year’s contest was done right at the end of spring break, so that is why we had a little bit more people participating” Thomas said. “I was actually hoping having the snow day would have increased our numbers since I knew the roads were terrible and people wouldn’t have classes.”

Voting for the contest was done over Facebook, where tenants could share their designs with family and friends. From last year’s experience, Thomas knew social media would be the best way to pick a winner.

“It turned into a very fun and interactive contest with people leaving really positive comments,” Thomas said.

When winter rolls around next year, look forward to another snow sculpture competition in front yards around Livingston Ave., Sumner Ave., Ackerman Ave., and more.

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