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What It Takes to Go Acapella

By Emma Pettersen SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC NEWS)- It is very hard to put together a performance, especially when it only relies on someone’s voice.

Ben McClaughin, the music director of the acapella group Groovestand is up for the challenge.

“This year, what I am really finding in Groovestand is that our personality trait is that we really don’t have one. Everyone brings something new to the table,” McClaughin said.

The role of the music director is normally held by a senior. However, McClaughin is very young to be taking on this role, as he is only a sophomore.

Since the performance is carried by only their voices, McClaughin puts a lot of consideration into how he can make his group sound the best.

“I essentially listen by ear and go on a music program and go step by step. I start with the soloists, and then I fill in the baseline, then make sure everything is done, and then I’ll do the chorus and make sure everything is done there, and then I’ll move on,” McClaughin said.

Despite all of the obstacles McClaughin is up against, he will make sure Groovestand is ready for their upcoming spring performance.