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Syracuse’s Common Councilors Address Rental Code Changes

The Syracuse Common Council met for a study session to discuss the agenda for this Monday. They are going over an amendment for rental codes. © 2018 Payton May

By Payton May SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News)— Syracuse citizens who have been advocating for Common Councilors to change rental codes may be mistaken on what the amendment on the agenda addresses.

Councilor Khalid Bey has tried to pass an amendment to require interior inspections for one-and-two family rental homes. Today he brought up the changes in the Common Council study session. Syracuse locals have been behind this change because of an issue with lead poisoning from rental homes according to Councilor Susan Boyle.

Boyle said there is miscommunication between what the public thinks this legislation will do, and what it really entails.

“I’ve been at meetings and people have cried and said you have to pass this because we have to do something about lead,” Boyle said. “This has nothing to do with lead. Even if we get into these houses and do these inspections we’re not testing for lead.”

Boyle said that currently, the city inspection process does not test for lead, there are no lead inspectors, and lead is not a code violation.

With the current legislation, three or more family rental homes can have interior inspections with the consent from an owner or resident, Boyle added. Bey is trying to carry over the policy of consent of inspections to one-and-two family rental homes as well.

“The majority of the calls that we get for code violations come from one-and-two family homes,” Boyle said. “But we only do inspections on three families and up right now, so it’d say it definitely is necessary for us to get into the interior of these properties.”

Boyle is not sure whether or not this amendment will be voted on or held this Monday at the Common Council session because of the issues with lead not being part of the revisions.