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MSNBC’s Joy Reid talks Sam Nunberg

By Ali Riemer SYRACUSE, N.Y (NCC NEWS)-  It has been several days since Sam Nunberg said he will cooperate with Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation.

Joy Reid, MSNBC political analyst, said what Nunberg knows could change the scope of the probe.

“So I think the next thing we will find out is just how much knowledge the Trump Campaign had in advance of what was going to come out from Wikileaks. Because that’s what will be incriminating,” Reed said.

Reed said the Trump campaign could be in serious trouble in the near future.

“If they knew that those stolen emails were in the hands of Wikileaks, and they knew in advance that they were going to be released, there could be big problems for the campaign and for Trump,” Reed stated.

After Nunberg’s outbursts this week, time will only tell how this will affect the investigation going forward.