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Behind the Skates: Love for a Sport Becomes a Lifestyle

By Erica Pieschke SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — Figure skating is a sport that takes strength, elegance and passion. Many people only experience the sport when watching the Winter Olympics every four years, but for others it’s their life.

Sheri Carr has been skating since she was nine years old, and like many little girls, going to the Olympics was the dream. Over the years, the dream faded away and reality kicked in, which led her to becoming a coach and passing on her passion.

“It’s a long, long process with lots of ups and downs,” Carr said. “Lots of triumphs and lots of hardships.”

The feeling that Carr gets while she skates across the ice, however, outweighs any hardship or bad day.

“You feel light; you feel like there’s no restrictions,” Carr said. “It’s the speed and the flow across the ice. The movement, especially jumping through the air, the weightlessness. That’s what you feel.”

Over the years, Carr has gone on to compete in different tests. She has also guided some of her students to competitions, as well as performed in Disney on Ice.

While figure skating is hard work, coaching has become a part of Carr. It’s who she is.

“The best part of coaching is just building relationships with the skater,” Carr said. “Getting to know the families, watching them grow as a skater but as an individual.”

Carr teaches students of all levels, including adults. Not only does she treat them like any other student, but Carr is also invested in helping them reach their true potential.

Colette Scott, one of Carr’s adult students, appreciates the time that Carr gives her.

“She takes me seriously as an adult,” Scott said. “Like, a lot of skaters look at the kids and adults a little differently. Sheri takes everyone the same.”

Figure skating may have started out as a fun activity attached to a big dream, but for Carr, it turned into her life journey to share with others.

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