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Chairman of Advance Media New York’s Retirement Marks Shift to Digital Age

The preferred form of media is going through a drastic evolution. (c) Associated Press

Listen here to learn about Stephen Rogers’ impact on his company and the company’s advancement into the digital era. 

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By Ethan Roy SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News)

After 58 years in the news business, Stephen Rogers, former chairman of Advance Media New York, has announced his decision to retire from his position. Rogers’ retirement is the latest step in the company’s transition into the world of digital media.

Rogers succeeded his father as editor and publisher of the Syracuse Post-Standard and the Herald-Journal in January 1981. Since then, Rogers’ company has been the recipient of notable newspaper recognition, namely with the coverage on the violations of the Syracuse University basketball program and Pan Am Flight 103, among others.

Aside from his company’s newspaper recognition, Rogers served as a pioneer as the company began their process of conforming to the new age of technology, and new age of consumers.

“He oversaw the company’s transition during a very tumultuous period in the media business,” said reporter Rick Moriarty on Rogers’ role in the transition, a transition necessary to sustain longevity in the media industry.

Media companies must cater to their audience. Rogers, with his commitment to technological advancement, understood this notion and took it to heart.

“You try and meet that need whether it’s with two daily newspapers in the 70s and 80s or whether that’s with a digital site or mobile site like we do today,” said Tim Kennedy, President of Advance Media New York, on the importance of meeting the needs of the audience of the time.

While the company will be under new leadership going forward, the company’s commitment to evolution and audience satisfaction will not waver.