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Student’s Concern Over Good Uncle Parking

By Madi Van Den Eynde SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC NEWS)- Good Uncle made it’s debut to Syracuse University’s campus about a year ago.

The company is a restaurant brand that delivers all different kinds of food from all over the nation.

While student’s love to order their food, there has been much concern over where their delivery trucks are allowed to park.

These vans have been seen in and around campus, even stopping for long periods of time behind Watson Hall, in the bike lane.

I spoke to student’s who told me they have had a hard time driving on tight roads to get to their off-campus housing. In some cases, they have even been blocked in by the delivery vans and not been able to get their cars out of parking lots.

Students believe that the University’s Department of Public Safety (DPS),  should be taking action and regulating where these trucks are allowed to park.

While this situation seems to be a safety concern around campus, neither Good Uncle nor Syracuse University’s DPS had a comment on the matter.