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Eighteen-Year-Old Baldwinsville Grad Runs for Board of Education

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By Tommy Farrell Baldwinsville, N.Y. (NCC News) —Pat Penfield announced his candidacy for the Baldwinsville Central School District’s Board of Education on January 25. Penfield graduated from Baker High School in Baldwinsville last year and is currently a freshman at Syracuse University.

“I have lived in Baldwinsville for my most of my life, and I want to give back to my community,” Penfield said. “I am noticing things that can and should change, and no one is doing anything about them.”

Although Penfield is only 18 years old, he has enjoyed working with student government since eighth grade. He was elected class president at Baker High School his freshman and senior years. His football coach, Bill Spicer, wasn’t taken back by the news at all.

“It doesn’t surprise me that Pat is trying to do this,” Spicer said. “He’s always had big ideas.”

If elected, Penfield wants to hit the ground running.

“I want to go through budgets with a fine-tooth comb, even bring in a specialist, if necessary, to find ways to cut costs so we can allocate the funds to lowering taxes,” Penfield said. “Growing up, I was always told to question everything and that’s exactly what I’ll do.”

Penfield also believes that going through the Baldwinsville Central School District, and only out for less than a year, brings a perspective that none of the other board members have.

“Politics, I think, has been through his blood since probably he was in eighth grade,” Pat Penfield, Sr., Penfield’s father, said.

Penfield, Sr. was proud of his son when he announced his candidacy.

“That’s something that he desires to do, get into politics,” Penfield, Sr. said. “It’s a good way to learn and understand how the process works.”

For updates on Penfield’s campaign, you can follow his Twitter @PPForBOE.