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Syracuse University’s not-so-Winter Carnival

By Rachel Hoffman SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News)–Every year since 1930, Syracuse University hosts its annual Winter Carnival to help motivate students through upcoming midterm exams by getting them out of the brutal Syracuse winters for free food, giveaways and activities. This year, however, the “winter” title fell short to the spring-like weather Syracuse has been enjoying this past week.

Today’s temperature of 68 degrees broke the previous record high of 65 degrees, back in 1930. Coincidentally, the previous record high was during the first annual Winter Carnival here at Syracuse University.

Over the past week, Syracuse has experienced record-breaking high temperatures for February, seeing temperatures rise into the high sixties. Normal temperatures for Feb. in Syracuse generally hover around the mid-30s.  Seeing temperatures jump more than 20 degrees above the average definitely excited many students, who have resurfaced on the Quad, trading their winter coats and gloves for their t-shirts and sunglasses.

Regardless of the oddly warm weather, Nikki Bracci, a student participating in this year’s Winter Carnival, does not think the warm weather will take away meaning from what the event is supposed to represent.

“It’s kind of funny…it’s [snow] all melted; people are on the Quad again,” said Bracci in regards to the weather, “A name’s a name, and I don’t think it takes anything away from what it represents”

Although some of the normal Winter Carnival events, such as ice carvings and snow sculptures, may be difficult to do with the high temperatures, Bracci said she is confident that this week-long event still has the ability to re-motivate students about school, and help them relax a little before midterms come around.

Nevertheless, Syracuse will be getting back to the normal February winter weather by this evening.  Luckily, there will be a chili cook off at 11 a.m. with free tastings for as long as there is food to offer. For a full schedule of events, you can see the list of upcoming events here. The Winter Carnival continues this week, through Saturday, Feb. 24.